Involve your company with like-minded businesses

Build networks and partnerships, establish yourself as an expert guest speaker, and interact with a new audience.

be an expert

Be an expert at our workshops and seminars to keep homeowners, specifiers and developers up to date with the latest trends and innovations in your area of expertise. Every year, we host a popular Seminar Series covering over 15 different topics for homeowners and we want to offer you the opportunity to make the most of it! Choose to present or sponsor our seminars and connect with an instantly engaged audience.  

lead generation

The seminars are attended by specifiers and homeowners who are in the planning or design stages of their projects. Use the mingling time to interact with them and schedule follow-ups. You will have the chance to connect with the attendees prior the seminar starting and also have the opportunity to discuss your product at the seminar. This is a great tool for gaining potential leads and growing your database!


brand awareness

Homeowners and specifiers will be considering products or services in your category. Make sure you are at the forefront of their minds when they come to making a decision. Exhibitors involved in our seminars get their logo on various promotional material – both online and print. On the day of the event you will have a physical presence with a space provided suitable for a small display with clear branding and information.

sponsor-presenter relations

Presenters and fellow sponsors are in your industry. Use the opportunity to develop relationships and find mutual benefits. Home Ideas is your new own central hub to build your network and partnerships.

Home ideas by numbers

50000 YEarly visitors

Home Ideas welcomes over 50,000 New Zealand homeowners through its doors every year.

60000 Website visits

In the past 12 months our website has been visited over 60,0000 times by 40,000 unique visitors.

120+ Leading Companies

Home Ideas is home to over 120 of NZ's best building and renovation companies. We connect homeowners to the right companies.

30000 Sq Ft Display Area

No matter how big or small your project, we can accommodate. At 30,000 sq ft Home Ideas is among NZ's largest dedicated permanent showrooms.

30000+ email reach

Our newsletter, in which we promote events and exhibitors, goes out to over 30,000 interested homeowners and renovators each week.

7 Days/week service

Generate leads 7 days/week! Don't limit your work week to Monday - Friday when you can bring in extra leads over the weekend.

They Trust Us

Debbie Abercrombie

Interior Designer

Debbie Abercrombie Ltd.

“I have enjoyed presenting the seminars with the knowledge that there is a great team of people behind me to help make them a success and astress free night, where I can focus on the audience and my presentation. The attendees who make the effort to attend are there for a reason, and with most seminars I am able to engage with new clients immediately and I have had many who are ready a few months down the track to start their projects. It certainly has been a good experience and helpful for my business.”

Interested? Talk to us!

Would you like to know more about our offers and how we can work together to build your business, drive new leads, and put your brand right in front of the eyes of thousands of New Zealand homeowners? Get in touch with us now!

Deepish Patel

Business Development Manager

Deepish is the Business Development Manager at Home Ideas in Auckland.  Your success is his success as he finds the best solutions for all our exhibitors.

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